Congregation Shearith Israel


Congregation Shearith Israel, also known as the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue in the City of New York, was the first Jewish congregation to be established in the United States. Founded in 1654, the landmark building has withstood the test of time, and with the addition of an automation system installed by TEC Systems, its congregation has only grown. Utilizing the LonWorks platform, TEC integrated the facility’s thermostat setup with a fully-automated configuration of open and interoperable devices, including a unit start-and-stop control, temperature sensors, and network adaptors. With these, the oldest and most recognizable synagogue in New York city is now ready for its 600th anniversary — and its constituents for a almost-heavenly level of comfort.


    Provided Direct Digital Control of the existing Air Conditioning units plus: Unit start and stop controls, Direct expansion (DX) cooling, Reheat coil staging, Discharge and return air temperature controls, Outside air damper actuators
    Lon Mark® certified products used: Neurologic temperature sensors, LonPoint® Routers and Nodes, LonWorks® network adaptors, LonTalk® communication software, LonWorks® Network Services (LNS) links all field controllers to Honeywell’s SymmetrE™ graphical user interface (GUI) workstations