Hearst Tower


With its unique “diagrid” design, the Hearst Corporation’s new $500 million, 46-story steel and glass tower in midtown Manhattan has a tremendous impact on the city’s skyline. It also has a tremendous impact on our environment. Constructed largely with recycled and resource-efficient materials, featuring heat conducive limestone, polyethylene water circulation tubing, and a rainwater irrigation tank, the building was awarded a LEED Gold Certificate in 2006. Tasked with creating equally efficient building management operations, TEC produced a system synced on Honeywell’s EXCEL 5000® Open™ technology. The system was successfully integrated with the building’s energy designs, and features automated daylight sensors, variable-speed fans, and spill-air technology, in full compliment to the tower’s eco-friendly mission.


    Second “Green” commercial building in New York City
    Honeywell’s EXCEL 5000® building automation system cost-effectively manages environmental systems
    High-efficiency air-conditioning equipment with variable speed fans
    Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning innovations include utilization of spill air from the tower to heat and cool the giant atrium space
    Other HVAC advancement include the use of rainwater to replace water lost to evaporation in the office air-conditioning system
    Automated lighting control system to features daylight sensors to control lighting and reduce energy use