Kingsborough Community College


Named one of the top 4 community colleges in the country, Kingsborough of the CUNY system has seen constant growth since its inaugural year in 1963. As a leader in the sustainable design field, Kingsborough recently recognized their need for a new hot water boiler plant, avoiding the hazards of their previous steam plant and reducing their energy operation cost by 50%. Featuring three in-deck hot water boilers, multiple hot water heat exchangers, natural gas and fuel oil, a leak management system, and electrical monitoring, their cutting-edge system requires the direct monitoring and control only TEC can provide.

For their flexibility with complex applications such as this, TEC utilized Allen Bradley’s CompactLogix System to build a system management control. Each new boiler feature and its information is synced to Red Lions LCD touch screen, an easy-to-use control panel with real-time information flow. Logging trending and usage data, the system remains efficient throughout its operation and allows TEC rapid service response times. The coordination of these systems, completed on time and within budget, ensures Kingsborough remains a superior institution for decades to come.