New York Public Library


One of the most celebrated cultural institutions of this era, the New York Public Library’s immense and diverse collection of modern and rare material is one of the city’s crown jewels. None would be here today were it not for the library’s conservation team, including its conservational equipment. Anchored by our shared belief that conservation is not solely a matter of restoring documents, but is especially the prevention of their deterioration, TEC Systems has, had the distinct privilege of maintaining the library’s automation system since our formation in 1981. Overseeing all environmental aspects in facilities where these important documents are stored is a task to which we give special focus. With constant monitoring made possible by the integration of state-of-the-art equipment, the NYPL goes confidently into the new century with a strong cultural legacy and standing as a leader in the conservational field.


    TEC Systems has had the distinct responsibility for monitoring and controlling temperature and humidity in the various stockrooms and exhibition areas within the many branches of the New York Public Library
    Premises covering tens of thousands of square feet have been converted and fitted out to provide appropriate physical and environmental conditions for document storage and occupant comfort
    Installations of DDC systems configured to the American Auto-Matrix Building Automation Systems platform
    DDC system includes:
 Air Handling Units
, Fan Coil Units
, Hot Water Systems, Centralized system monitoring and control functions
    Maximized efficiency of mechanical equipment and ensured optimal control of environments