Wyckoff Heights Medical Center


As recently as May of 2012, Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, a nonprofit hospital serving the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn, was on financial life-support. Excessive energy consumption had bled the facility of vital cash resources. In dire need of a new system to monitor their energy profile, Wyckoff asked TEC to provide a solution. It turned out to be a life-saving decision.

Through an engagement with KeySpan Technologies, Inc., TEC installed their new Energy Monitoring and Data Services system throughout Wyckoff’s facility. The system is an extrapolation model, gathering data from utility meters to project and manage energy consumption across applications. In less than a year, the system has helped Wyckoff get back on its financial feet and aided the flow of resources throughout the hospital’s programs. Cited by the New York Times as being “back to profitability,” Wyckoff is back doing what it does best — saving lives, and now, saving money too.


  • EMDS is an extrapolation model, incorporating LonWorks® Technology, which uses data from utility meters to manage energy consumption in the industrial, commercial service sectors
  • Internet-based information and management service
  • Echelon’s iLON-100 Server
  • Flexible and Scalable System
  • Main (Gas, Electric) Metering
  • Enterprise Wide Monitoring
  • Basic Energy Monitoring
  • Allocate & Manage Energy Costs
  • Power Quality Alarming & Analysis
  • Equipment Diagnostic
  • Increased Facility Uptime
  • Indoor-Air Quality Monitoring Tools
  • View include graphs, reports, daily and group averages



Brooklyn, NY

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Who Worked on it


Owner and Developer:
Wyckoff Heights Medical Center
Foster & Partners // Adamson Associates
Construction Manager:
Turner Construction Corporation
MEP Engineer:
Flack & Kurtz