Adrian Bennet

Service Technician

Adrian comes to TEC with an educational background in electrical and computer engineering and also a background in automotive technology. This benefits him with hands on capability to analyze critical situations with a clear understanding of how to properly troubleshoot. Adrian has been helping to diagnose and repair BMS Systems through some of our most major profile projects. His ability to listen to our client’s problems and respond appropriately to their needs enables them to have piece of mind knowing that their building is running as efficient as possible with state of the art technology. Adrian continues to study communications of the different BMS infrastructures we deal with on a day-to-day basis. This helps to integrate our software with varying field devices through different means of third party communications.

What do you like most about this company?
TEC Systems employs a major in-house knowledgeable group of individuals that make up the team effort we deliver to projects. The organization and efficiency everyone brings to the table leads us to a growing portfolio of challenging projects that showcases promising solutions to some of the toughest issues we come across on-site. The family like quality and willingness to help one another we deal with in the office is shared across how we treat our clients. Our clients know they can trust us no matter the capability of their challenges.
HVAC & Mechanical Knowledge
BMS Troubleshooting
Workstation Diagnostics

Service & Purchasing