Albert Hazan

Service Technician

For over 15 years, Albert has been servicing some of TEC’s oldest and most prized clients. TEC has entrusted him with these clients simply for the amount of experience and knowledge he brings to the table. His friendly and helpful attitude assures clients that their job will always be completed as seamless as possible and any questions or concerns will be answered or resolved along the way. Albert is able to perform emergency and preventative maintenance with ease. He keeps a clear head and focuses on the task at hand without interruptions. At TEC we feel that these traits are essential in keeping a solid and consistent service team, not only is Albert a crucial team member, his knowledge and abilities make him indispensable.

What do you like most about working with TEC?
For as long as I have worked here at TEC, I find the atmosphere, workflow, and employees to be refreshing. The family like feeling I get from my coworkers is really great when I know I can count on them to help me during projects and service calls. I am able to learn new skills and gain knowledge by working amongst my fellow service technicians. I find the knowledge I have gained helps me provide our clients with unbeatable service and solutions.
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