Alex Baydar

Software Engineer

Alex has acquired a degree in Computer Engineering from PolyTech of NYU, which gives him the knowledge needed to excel here at TEC. Alex has already brought various new ideas and concepts to the table and proven himself a valuable team player at TEC. Alex takes it upon himself to visit sites and truly understand the needs of the particular client and the needs of their facility. He figures out solutions to successfully integrate a facility’s machinery to a BMS system that will make the automation easier to use and track for optimal performance. In addition to this, he also goes to sites to upgrade these said systems that need to be kept up to date with the ever-evolving technology of this industry. Overall, Alex is a very essential part of TEC and we believe that given the resources and networking, Alex will continue to serve clients with exceptional easy to use software to make out clients happy.

What department do you work most closely with?
I work most with the graphic department simply because the software that I am creating requires their essential visuals in order to have a smooth and easy to read system. The graphics that we create are one of a kind as should be the software that they will be used on; I do my best to have 100% communication with our graphics department and our clients so that nothing gets confused or lost.
Programming Verification
Onsite Testing
Client Relations


Team Member Since


Featured Projects Alex Baydar Has Worked On
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