Anthony Colacicco

Senior Project Manager

From engineering, operations, to project management, Anthony has showcased his extensive leadership knowledge of the building automation industry for the past thirty years. Originally starting off as a technician in the field, building and repairing control systems, soon elevated his career into the position of engineering, where Anthony was overseeing projects from start to finish, all the way to full-service maintenance contracts. This notion developed his innate ability to fit the role of project manager. As our portfolio here at TEC has advanced with smarter developments and sophisticated controls our team of project managers has been growing to meet these market demands. Anthony joined as one of our leading senior project managers where he will be overseeing the Hudson Yards development. We are glad to have Anthony’s expertise running alongside our project teams, and more so working with our longstanding clients to achieve optimal running buildings.

project scheduling
Client Relations
Technical Support

Project Management

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