Ari Schwartz

Project Manager

From panel verification, engineering and project management, Ari has done it all at TEC. His hands-on experience and extensive knowledge in all aspects of a project help him keep sight of projects goals and potential. With a degree in computer science, Ari’s technical skills and operational background gives him an insight in knowing what not only needs to be completed but what the project needs to excel. Ari’s determination and drive to stay on top of projects has been a characteristic that we admire and appreciate here at TEC, we believe that giving Ari the right tools and resources he is sure to take the industry be storm.

What do you enjoy most about your profession?
I enjoy the interactions with my coworkers and starting up conversations with people I meet on the job. Getting input from different levels of experience and exchanging knowledge or opinions on a project or new technology is always fun. Personally I feel that doing this expands your own knowledge on what you already know and sparks interest in new ideas or projects.
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Multitasking Project Aspects
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Project Management

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