Ariana Mansfield

Regional General Manager, New England

Commitment and determination play a major role for our New Regional General Manager of New England, Ariana. Originally working as one of our project managers, she quickly moved into our director of commissioning position where she continued to show strong leadership and guidance to our technicians on many outstanding projects around NYC. With a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Ariana brings forth a knowledgeable understanding of this industry and growing market. Additionally, her Certification in Energy Management (CEM) and Professional Engineering license (PE) benefits us with projects that are designed with energy conscious implementations and modern enhancements. She delivers our clients a project that is managed from a standpoint that is sophisticated in its beginning design to its final structure. Her involvement from the beginning of the project through to completion guarantees a successful customized BMS platform for a seamless working facility.

What extra steps do you take to reassure client satisfaction?
Overall we provide a personalized level of service many companies fail to do. Between response time and attentive service we make sure our clients are in good hands. I’m consistently on site to follow through with my projects and keep in contact even after a job is turned over to service. I work diligently with my commission agents and to provide the best possible response to any project that comes our way.
Client Relations
Communicating Job Expectations
Determining System Improvements
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