Barry Fagan

Vice President – Converged Systems

Barry brings over thirty years of real estate information technology construction and management experience to TEC Systems.  Information technology focus on projects such as 4 Times Square, One Bryant Park, One World Trade, and The Epic in both construction and operational capacities provides unique experience and perspective. This enables him to lead the converged systems team with an understanding of the complex requirements of today’s unified building technologies. Managing client requirements and expectations is a primary focus and vital to delivering a solution that meets specific project goals, reduces over-design and lowers project costs. Barry’s work with partners and subcontractors integrating their particular skills and expertise into complex projects leads to repeated project success. Barry relishes the challenge identifying unique solutions that leverage advanced technology for network and systems infrastructure within new and existing buildings.

What do you continue to study and learn to keep your profession strong
Every project, every client interaction is an opportunity to learn and grow. Discovering innovative and creative uses for technology that solve everyday problems keeps me as engaged and excited about what I am doing today as it did 30 years ago. I enjoy attending seminars, industry events, and reading about technology, construction, and design.
What extra steps do you take to keep our client happy
It starts with the approach to a project. I don’t believe in following a predefined formula, precedent is not reason enough to do so again. Often the question is better than the answer. Each project receives thorough research and consideration as to the best approach. Carefully conceived and integrated solutions assure repeated client satisfaction.
Client Relations
Strategic Business Planning
Converged Technology

Converged Systems

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