Borris Davis

Service Technician

Borris has been involved  on some of TEC’s biggest projects. His skill set and portfolio have been expanding for over 20 years since he has been at TEC. With his expertise in HVAC controls and his ability to maintain optimal running conditions in a building, he has played a vital role in maintaining a healthy relationship with our clients. Without a doubt, we know that Borris will give his absolute best when approaching a new or old project. His expansive knowledge in dealing with older buildings has been essential when understanding the process of updating and up keeping any type of project. We firmly believe that Borris is more then qualified to handle anything thrown his way and his work ethic is a prime example of what TEC can offer.

What do you continue to study and learn to keep your profession strong?
I find safety to be a crucial key element we focus on here at TEC. Thankfully they provide us with in-house training with a professional safety instructor who helps us maintain safer practices and how to be more observant on job-sites. These additional certifications have helped me tremendously when I am able to identify and resolve any unsafe working conditions I may come across in my line of duty.
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