Bruce Nahan

Service Sales Engineer

Bruce is one of our highly experienced sales engineers who joined the growing service team here at TEC in hopes of assisting our clients with competitive, high quality proposals for new and add-on upgrades. His ability to generate conducive plans that tie into a facilities crucial systems, workstations, and platforms allows for enhanced energy savings in the modern market. Graduating from Rutgers University School of Engineering, and obtaining several certifications (Aircuity Sales & Application Course, Armstrong Design Envelope Pumps, OSHA, HAZWOPER), Bruce takes on our evolving field to the next level. His continuous knack of learning whether safety, site specific or product applicable, shows his tenacity to thoroughly flourish with his career. We know our clients will be pleased to know he’s ready to work with them every step of the way.

What do you enjoy most about working with TEC?
While being able to help my clients & assist my coworkers with numerous tasks, I enjoy being able to bring interest and learning with my position. Our industry is constantly changing, bringing forth innovative, and challenging motions through the different systems and applications we deal with on a daily basis. From state-of-the-art technology to energy sustainable utilities, there are numerous ways of creating better enterprise systems for the growing market around us.
Creative Problem Solver
Effective Communication
Client Relations


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