Cindy Wong

Software Engineer

Originally working within our Engineering department, Cindy showcased her strong ability to create dynamic and scalable system architecture for some of our highest profile projects. From commercial properties to residential and industrial facilities, she tailored plans for our project teams that laid out extensive wiring diagrams, set points, and operations that helped cultivate a facility for better optimized running conditions. Cindy graduated from Cooper Union with a concentration in Chemical Engineering. Her educational background gives her the skill set to understand new applications that are geared towards heat transfers, and conducting better temperature controls through our BMS choices. Having Cindy on our side as we develop our project portfolio is undeniably a plus, her ability to problem solve, and generate new ways of thinking will bring many answers for future projects and the challenges that naturally come with them. As of 2016, Cindy decided to broaden her knowledge base, and joined our lucrative programming department. She will be utilizing platforms through Niagara Tridium and Honeywell Care that we deploy on many of our projects around NYC. We are confident in her tenacity to keep learning and providing top-tier services to our industry.



What do you find most interesting about this industry?
I find that combining our go-to traditional strategies with “new school” techniques and still being able to provide a solid BMS system to these buildings, new or old, is fascinating to me. I love that we have found a perfect harmony between the two styles and can provide an easy to deal with solution to our clients that they will be happy with for years.
Conceptual Development Strategies
Sequence of Operation
HVAC Integration


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