David Dittman

Graphics Engineer

With a background in electrical contracting as well as mechanical engineering gives David the ability to visualize and create ideal end-user experience with innovative and stylish graphic screens. First hired as a draftsman, David has now been here at TEC for over fifteen years. His experience as our current graphic engineer has been nothing short of high expectations. The hard work, dedication, and initiative he takes for each project that comes his way showcases a direct and unique outcome that our clients can adhere to. David’s vast portfolio exposes a true understanding of building architecture, sophisticated design, and highly technologically skilled. His charismatic disposition has helped us better understand our clients’ needs and expectations. From Rockefeller University to the Trump Soho, David has proved over and over again that his creativity and dedication have never failed him.

What is one of your favorite projects you have worked on?
TEC Systems has been working with Brooklyn College for the past 6 years making improvements and installing new construction through the campus’ facilities. I have been assigned to this account when we were first awarded the project and still continue to work on it. Its interesting to see how old equipment gets phased out and replaced by these highly sophisticated machines. Having created the graphics continuously showcases a graduated level in design and understanding.
Custom UX/UI Design
Adobe Platform
Graphic Workstation Integration
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