David Smith

Service Engineer

David originally started here at TEC Systems as one of our finest engineers. He helped implement great strategies and solutions to some of our most elite projects to date. As of 2014 David had taken the challenge to move into our service department, and help bring new results and efforts to some of the approaches we are currently allocating with our clients. David has the mechanical contracting experience, the hand-on training, and the methodical logic of how to perceive new ideas and changes to help our clients reap the full benefits from their BMS. David works closely with our clients and their staff to assist them in choosing the proper running conditions, maintenance and changes they need to make to keep their facility running more efficiently throughout the year.

What do you find most interesting in the industry of automation?
With products we utilize from Honeywell, American Automatrix, and others they continuously push the envelope as far as an all-in-one product. They help us support our clients’ needs and better shape our projects and solutions around the immense functions and benefits we can gather from them. In addition they offer direct support to TEC to assist us on how to better utilize the products in the best possible light.
Client Relations & Support
BMS Troubleshooting
Hardware & Software Verification