David Taylor


New to our sales and estimating department is David Taylor, where he recently graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. His knowledgeable understanding of the different mechanical systems and equipment we integrate on sites gives him an upper hand when it comes time to prepare and prioritize estimates that reflect RFI’s, specs, profitability, prints and all other essential information. David’s Ability to interpret technical specifications, construction drawings and plans allows us to provide our clients with a competitive and calculated price point for them to easily follow and confidently make a decision with our team here at TEC. Looking to further his knowledge, David continues to study the different aspects of each device, system and industry to build a stronger standpoint in this profession.

What do you find unique in this line of work?
The setting of NYC makes everything more exciting. The application of these interesting systems on iconic and fascinating buildings certainly makes the process more unique. I enjoy the constant learning and adapting that is required to meet the expectations of each job. Every project comes with new challenges and opportunities for growth through new technology, clients and relationships. I look forward to seeing how my skills progress with the new jobs TEC continues to work on providing me with new challenges and learning experiences I can grow with.
Computing Cost
Excellent Client Relations
Maintains Technical Knowledge