Dean Angeledes

Service Account Executive

Business development and team building go hand-in-hand when it comes to the individuals that constantly bring forth their hard efforts and ideas. For over twenty-five years, Dean has been not only working towards broadening his skills and knowledge but also driving innovative solutions through his team to create a more robust leadership agenda. His past career path has proved his aptitude to drive profitability with strategic planning initiative in various industries time after time. As one of our primary service account executives, Dean works with our customers to find out exactly what their needs and, creative influential resolutions and ensures a smooth sales process. The combination of inside and outside sales gives him the ability to visit clients on site to greatly grasp the effort in sight. He works towards providing the clients and their facility with top of the line equipment and service plans. The safety, comfort, and security that he is able to guarantee let our client know that they have a very responsive relationship built with Dean and our service team.

What do you enjoy most about this industry?
Aside from learning about the new technology, practices, and innovative design elements, working with a team to understand how we can implement these kinds of facets into a building for a real modern design is always rewarding. I always look to help others grow their ability and solutions to provide our industry with the tools need to provide rewarding solutions to owners and institutions for top building efficiency. My team at TEC knows that they can rely on me to not only offer endless support to our clients but also to work with them in gaining new ideas to increase productivity.
Strategic planning
Business Development
Team Building