Elliot Schwartz

Quality Assurance Engineer

With a degree in mechanical engineering and a knack for hands on solutions, Elliot joined TEC’s commissioning department to apply the strategies and processes needed to create dynamic and strong BMS panels.  His multi-disciplinary skills, technical knowledge and strong work ethic ensure the HVAC, lighting and other systems TEC integrates to surpass all client’s expectations.  Elliot’s previous experience in designing and machining precision devices allows him to understand how entire systems work and reverse engineer new unique systems.  His prior studies of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, electrical engineering and software give him the expertise to properly diagnose problems before the BMS is installed into the field.  Elliot’s ability to ensure the panels leaving our warehouse are tested, verified and working up to the client’s standards is of the utmost importance for every one of our projects.  We know that our clients can be at ease with the careful consideration Elliot delivers to each project with his thorough and knowledgeable approach.

What hobbies or interest do you have that influence your work here?
I have been playing the guitar since the age of twelve and it’s my other big passion outside of engineering. Playing guitar takes years of studying, practice and hard work just like training to be an engineer. I’ve always felt that for a person to be an accomplished guitarist or engineer they need to truly love what they do and this is what I strive for everyday. I’ve always been fascinated by how different kinds of guitars and equipment can produce unique tones. I studied music theory with my great high school music teacher and had an internship at BB King Blues Club where I learned about live music production and guitar repairs. I also enjoy going to concerts to hear other musicians play their instruments which is always inspiring to me. I know my passion for music directly ties into my job here at TEC. Playing guitar is hands on and requires extensive specialized knowledge like being a QA Engineer. Guitars are also made up of many components that work together and can be interchanged to produce a desired sound. Here at TEC we do a very similar process where we create engineering drawings, software and graphics to create a BMS system to fulfill our client’s needs.


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