Erika Eskenazi

Manager – Remote Services & Systems Development

Inspired by an exceptional high school physics teacher, Erika became a founding member of her school’s award winning, 4-year Engineering Academy and never looked back. Graduating from The University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in mechanical engineering and passionate about creating a more sustainable world, Erika chose to focus her drive and determination within a field ripe with opportunity for innovation – large buildings. Erika joined Ecorithm, her college professor’s brand new data analytics company focused on improving existing buildings’ HVAC systems through automatically identifying faults and operational improvements. As Ecorithm’s first employee, Erika got to wear many hats in 5 years – creating the foundation of Ecorithm’s reporting, shaping product development, working with clients, managing internal company processes, and even building the website and starting the company blog. Bringing both her industry experience and passion for people to TEC, Erika serves as the Customer Success Manager. In this role, she is focused on building on-going, valuable, proactive relationships with TEC’s service clients, as well as continuously making improvements to TEC’s product and service offerings through conducting both external and internal interviews and designing focused departmental projects. She loves combining her technical background and aptitude with her innate ability to connect with and understand people, and then brainstorm, plan and execute initiatives designed to make everyone’s life better. TEC is confident she will thrive in this emerging role and is excited to see her grow and shape the business.


I deeply admire and am in awe of every single member of my family. My father, an aerospace engineer, surfer, skier, and all-around incredible, kind, generous human being, has always inspired me to value Persistence – especially at work. I’ve carried this quality into my career and see the impact it has had on not only me, but has continuously on the people around me as well. I bear witness to inspiring Persistence every single day at TEC Systems – it is one of the reasons I love working at this company, and why I know we will continue to deliver the best product and service to our customers.
Customer Portfolio Developement
Training & Support
Client Advocate


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