Frank Fata


After spending 20 years in the field, Frank is now one of TEC’s senior designers. His experience in project management and oversight gives Frank the hands on experience he needs today to visualize and manifest the clients’ design vision. He is easily able to recognize the nature of the job and the immediate concerns of the client. Frank reassures his clients that deadlines will be met and there will always be communication between the parties so that no confusion or frustrations arise. We have no doubt that Frank will construct a precise plan of attack and assemble a team that will tackle said job without any hesitation. We believe this simply because of the impressive variety of portfolio pieces Frank has with TEC and the severity of those projects. No matter what type of project Frank is given, he always offers his 100% not only during production but periodic check-ins to make sure everything is running to the clients’ expectations.

+ What do we do differently and improve on in this industry?
I believe that sitting down and thoroughly listening to the needs of our clients as well as developing a strong relationship dramatically improves productivity. That client relationship is the key in order to understand and feel comfortable suggesting solutions and taking criticism because, after all, we will be spending quite some time in developing a project.
Strong Sequence of Operation Design
Client Relations & Support
Project Team Strategies