Igore Rakush

UX /UI Designer

An extensive background in logistics and 3D prototypes has shaped Igore’s sense of graphic design and arranging eye-catching compositions. Igore focuses on the fundamentals and creates unique looks for each project we take on. His ability to implement HVAC, mechanical and engineers systems into the navigable layouts helps us to ensure our clients staff can easily and effectively monitor and maintain comfortable conditions. His dedicated to projects showcases itself when Igor is able to take on projects with ongoing upgrades and implementations. The level of organization and thinking that goes hand in hand within the graphics Igor is able to deliver allows our clients an aptitude of work that helps them arrive at a more enjoyable workstation.

What do you enjoy most about working here at TEC?
The employees here at TEC bring forth a teamwork attitude that allows us to collaborate on new ideas and strategies to deliver our clients a one-of-a-kind solution that speaks volumes of the work we provide. From the early engineering stages, install, software and graphics implementation to the service, we can grant them a conducive workflow that knows they are in the right hands.
Creative BMS Solutions
Color Theory
Graphic Design


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