Irene Benny


Irene’s background of MEP engineering has given her the hands-on training and design capabilities to understand the complex and sometimes challenging attributes of control systems. With a degree in electrical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic, Irene has the full capability to undertake some of TEC’s biggest projects with promising bulletproof solutions. She takes the two knowledgeable backgrounds and merges them into an intuitive, and productive course of plan and action. Irene frequently visits, maintains and drives home encouraging strategies for her clients’ expectations. By envisioning the larger picture at hand, and fully grasping how the utilities are to run, Irene can form integration bonds that deliver uncompromised BMS data, metering and trending resolutions. The guaranteed trust, and commitment we receive from Irene gives us the opportunity to keep pushing the envelope through our portfolio and cultivate superb relations with our clients.

What do you enjoy most about working here at TEC?
The employees here really make the company for what its worth. They consistently offer their help and guidance when it’s needed most. Since we all face different challenges throughout our project phases, it’s a great benefit when you can work out promising personalized solutions that the clients can really be excited about. Coming up with new ideas and how to implement my skills in ways I never thought possible is always a rewarding surprise. I’m eager to exercise my knowledge and grow my skills in being apart of some of New York City’s finest developments.
Sophisticated Engineering Design
Custom Sequence of Operations
Team Leading Efforts