Jackie Marinacci

Marketing & Advertising

For the past few years Jackie has transformed our online and media presence through creative concepts and designs. With a BFA in art direction from Pratt Institute, Jackie learned how to create compelling motion graphics, work with typography compositions, and review our marketing analytics on a quarterly basis. Jackie works closely with our developers at Untitled Era, and other creative personnel to ensure everything from advertisements to website embellishments exemplify the TEC brand. In addition, she is able to work with our project management and commissioning teams on jobsites to help the stories, and case studies we look to portray for our followers. She takes roles on from photography, to copywriting, and videography. Being able to depict a documented standpoint of our portfolio and share it with our clients helps show our dedication and involvement with the new developments and projects we face in this industry. Her knowledge of design media ensures our continued relevance day-in and day-out.

What favorite hobbies or activities do you have that influence your work?
Ever since I got my license I have always been interested in cars, trucks and anything with a motor. I spend a lot of time under my truck learning new ways of improving my off-road capabilities, and how to address issues that arise. The patience and out-of-the-box thinking carries over here to my position at TEC. I spend a lot of time working with many different departments to create a narrative, and document the processes we flow through here at TEC. It’s the reliable staff that is always willing to lend a hand and help in anyway they possibly can. This has proven to me the craftsmanship, and pride when we can all come together to showcase a team effort on a site.
Adobe Creative Suite
Photo & Videography
Marketing Analytics


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