Jacob Swenson


Jacob recently joined TEC systems in hopes of building his skills and knowledge in automation engineering. As a recent mechanical engineering graduate Jacob has many attributes and skillsets he honed in from past internships and senior design classes. Jacobs understanding of metal fabrication and metalworking allows him to visualize how new construction and equipment get provided to a jobsite. This grants him the ability to design submittals, blueprints, and riser diagrams with proper composition sets. During Jacob’s senior year, he helped retro commission the campus’ engineering building that allocated for hot, cold, condenser, and chiller water. His ability to trend the many different points and provide sophisticated metering was the end solution needed to make an effective BMS.

What do you find unique in this line of work?
Watching a building designed from the ground up is always an exciting experience to not only witness, but to be a part of as well. Having the privilege of working in New York City leads me to some of the most exciting projects taking place. I appreciate the fact that TEC Systems places me on a wide variety of projects to better polish my skills.
Sophisticated Design Sequences
Project Team Leadership
Strong Engineering Abilities