Janeth Robles


With inspiration and a drive to be a part of some of NYC’ greatest developments, Janeth joined TEC Systems in hopes of providing second to none drafting skills through our inclining portfolio. With a established educational degree in architectural design, and certification in construction management leaves Janeth with a well rounded and committed attitude to this industry. Her ability to lay out plans in autocad or illustrator showcases fine detail to the many different elements through the compositions from field devices to riser diagrams, bid documents, and working plans are easily understood because of her attention to detail. Janeth also expands her horizons through safety classes to better understand job site conditions and create awareness to avoid any preconceived issues or accidents.

What do we do here at TEC to improve this industry?
Here in our office we work together through the different departments through all phases of construction to guarantee a successful BMS install. The benefit of doing this practice helps to find room for improvement, energy savings, and cost control.
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Technical Drawing
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