Jeremy Herrmann

Project Management Administrator

Jeremy has a passion for bringing harmony amongst people working together. His prior working experience as an elementary school teacher has given him the ability, and understanding of how to effectively manage daily activities and scheduling within the project management department. With this also comes the dexterity to handle large amounts of people as well as keeping them productive and aware of all scheduling and time constraints they handle on a day-to-day basis. Using a balance of flexibility and strong organizational skills, he helps to facilitate fluid inter-departmental collaboration amongst TEC employees. Jeremy makes it a point to adhere to new projects and the phases they break down into, keeping all of our team members in the know. As our Project Management Administrator, Jeremy’s vision for organizing project resources for maximum efficiency makes him a valuable new member to our team here at TEC. We are confident he will manage the many different levels of expertise needed to fulfill our focus.

How do you help our clients here at TEC?
The project management team here is constantly progressing through job phases and milestones so its imperative to constantly assist with the general inquiries we receive from vendors and clients alike that require assistance on job forms, reports and correspondents. My overall enthusiasm to help clients when they need it most makes me enjoy my position here at TEC. Our clients know they can trust an individual who prioritizes their requirements on a prompt basis and is easily reachable for prompt permits, insurance and other vital documents.
Customer Service Orientation
Problem Assessment & Solving
Maintain Critical Documents & Permits