Jeremy Vazquez

IT Specialist

With a degree in Cyber Security and Networking, Jeremy joined TEC’s growing IT department to help level the playing field of our IT defense. Its crucial that our clients networks are secure and safe from attacks and threats. Jeremy can protect our clients systems from vulnerabilities with many powerful tools from using Snort IPS/IDS, and other powerful improvements. Jeremy has worked diligently to perform network monitoring and configured countless routers, switches, and firewalls in the past that we know will translate over to our clients facilities. He works with our project teams during commissioning and service calls to make the client systems more secure, productive and cost effective. We know not only our clients, but our project teams can rely on Jeremy to constantly keep  their network running to its absolute best capability.

What do you enjoy most bout working with TEC?
Everyone here is super friendly and always willing to take the time out other day to help assist each other with work. I am lucky to be apart of such a proactive team where I can not only rely on my team to work out problems we face, but to also teach others about the networks and securities we put in place. Its a crucial part of my day-to-day responsibilities and I know that constantly keeping up to date with the industries latest innovations will keep us ahead of the game.
BMS Upgrades
Energy Solutions
Software Verification


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