Jerrica Romero

Assistant Project Manager

When it comes to providing top tier project support and innovative thinking, Jerrica brings forth a level of service and execution that keeps our clients and team members constantly invested in their project. Graduating from New York SUNY Maritime College with a strong background in engineering, Jerrica looks to develop and apply her strategies for improved energy efficiency to our growing portfolio throughout Manhattan. Her previous experience with Co-Gen plants, exclusive BMS energy studies, and critical HVAC systems shows her diligent and thorough research into running a more sustainable facility with adaptable upgrades and better-calibrated equipment. Our project teams know that they can trust her to make sophisticated design choices throughout the duration of a project, while helping to manage the many facets and phases of a project. This kind of dynamic thinking and action helps us meet timely schedules, conduct proper testing and meet our client needs.


What do you enjoy most about this industry?
Being able to not only improve my skills and knowledge base of the automation industry, but also being able to help my coworkers learn new applications, practices and ideas for building better systems is extremely gratifying. Meeting new people through projects and different organizations like ASHRAE, LEED and others as such, helps bring forward a lot of creative thinking we are able to utilize in our projects. Being able to find new ways of delivering a strong, reliable BMS system keeps our clients and industry striving in a market that only has room for expansion, and I'm glad to be apart of this niche field.
Timely Project Execution
Client Relations
Energy Sustainable Design

Project Management