John Chism


With over twenty years of experience in estimating, design, and installation of control systems, John has been bringing forth a level of innovation and creativity to our growing portfolio. His extensive understanding of a facility’s needs, and strong relationships with our vendors, grants our clients a scope that is well balanced, crafted with reliable state-of-the-art devices, and scheduled to meet project timelines. John consistently attends walkthroughs of our clients’ facilities and developments so that he can grasp the entirety of the project ahead. Following through with the projects progress, and maintaining meetings with clients’ shows that John takes the utmost of care to assure our clients that he is a proactive team member through the duration of the project. His capability to work the vast portfolio we continue to strive for is a true demonstration to his hardworking competence. From LEED certified facilities, educational institutes, hospitals, and more, John works hard for our clients so that we can provide stable and balanced BMS platforms for our growing industry.


How do our services benefit our clients?
TEC Systems has a full in-house staff that handles every steps from beginning to completion. No process is overlooked and is always handled directly by our company. The ability for all of us to work together, not only helps our client solutions in the long run but also painting the facility to its most optimal running conditions. In estimating, we work with every department very closely to understand the exact products needed to fulfill the needs of the client’s projects and developments. This helps us in creating a better customized BMS platform to carryout the needed functionality the facility requires for better efficient conditions.
Competitive Sales Approach
Strong Client Relations
Cost Effective Solutions
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