Jordan Lustig

Project Manager
Jordan joined TEC in 2013 originally as one of our QA engineers. His hands-on experience, panel fabrication and teaching to other technicians gave him the ability to troubleshoot, calibrate and adjust controls for optimal performance. As of 2016 Jordan has now moved on as one of our project managers working on some of our highest profile sites to date. With a high regard and inspiration for energy savings, Jordan positively looks for ways to bring beneficial efforts to our clients and environment. He is able to communicate and provide options that suit our clients needs for a optimal running facility. His continual desire to maintain knowledge in HVAC, controls and supporting platforms grants him the ability to thoroughly grasp a projects dynamics and phases. Its important to Jordan, as it is to us that we can maintain proper scheduling  workflow and team efforts that carryout only the best level of service. His leadership roles he maintains with our team in the office and in the field guarantee our clients an accurate and updated process that is trustworthy and reliable.
What do you enjoy about working here at TEC?
Unlike other companies we have a full in-house firm that carefully provides BMS systems that have been handled by all departments to provide a successful install that is ready to run. The quality of our work is directly catered to our client’s needs and wants, to cover all workings of their facility operations. Bring able to understand and experience how the panels we provide are constructed and tested, I am able to bring forth a knowledge that aids in troubleshooting, diagnostics and calibration for improved functionality.
BMS Diagnostics & Troubleshooting
Excellent Client Relations
Project Scheduling & Followthrough

Project Management

Team Member Since


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