Justin Cassel

Sales Engineer

In 2013 Justin joined our sales department as one of our leading sales engineers with expectations to help TEC Systems manifest stronger relations in the Building Automation market. Justin spends a lot of his focus looking to engage customers through interactive presentations, meetings, and on-site walkthroughs. By presenting the newest technologically advanced applications we offer, and the greatest solutions, Justin puts our clients at ease knowing they will have a strong, dedicated system in place. Establishing relationships in the office is also a strong balance for Justin. He interacts with the many different teams here at TEC Systems to obtain the ultimate price procurement for our clients. Justin’s responsibilities for bid activities, assembling project bill of materials, and problem solving has help keep cost at a low price point, with the very best possible solutions.  His emphasis on teamwork, and an accomplished vision keeps our collective partnerships within the NYC market sector growing.

How do you begin your customer relationships?
Before I even begin discussing budget or price I meet with the client either at their current facility or through floor plans to fully grasp the needs of the development. I pay special attention to timelines as well as schedules to maintain proper workflow during construction and well after. I follow up with my clients to confirm their development was everything they needed and more.
Onsite Client Walkthroughs
Innovative Cost Solutions
Competitive Sales Approach