Justus Ulahannan

Service Technician

With a degree in mechanical engineering and a strong background working in the field, Justus comes to TEC to enhance his skill set, as well as bring forth a level of understanding to our growing portfolio. Originally working as a marine engineer, Justus planned and performed preventive and corrective maintenance on a range of machinery thought the fleets vessels. From diesel engines, boilers, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, Justus has had the extensive opportunity to work with the array of machinery and devices. This allowed him to better understand the integration practices utilized for the necessary functionality. We are pleased to have Justus joining our growing service department as one of our experienced technicians where he will be helping our vast portfolio of service contracts. His prior knowledge and hands-on experience working in the mechanical environment will grant our clients an experience that is tried and true. Hes ability to troubleshot, diagnose, and perform upgrades will enable the BMS platforms to a degree of efficient and sustainable optimization.

What do you enjoy most about your profession?
Being in the controls industry, I have had many opportunities to wear different hats, take on bigger responsibilities, and flourish my skills. I enjoy being able to lend my help from supervising, performing repairs, assisting chief engineers, and others so that I can not only work on the task at hand, but also learn where different assistant is needed to complete a job at higher level of service. Our clients know that we don't just perform preventive maintenance and emergency calls, but we also take the time to calibrate devices, systems, and set points so that they can help save on running costs and energy consumption. With the technology we utilize constantly on the rise of advancements, its important that we all keep up-to-date on how to implement them in different facilities for the wide set points required. Theres always a new suite of products coming out from our vendors, and its imperative that we learn how not only to install and repair but also craft them to perform better right out of the box.
Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems
BMS Diagnostics
Device Troubleshooting


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