Keith Manning

Service Project Manager

Keith brings over thirty years of customer service and HVAC experience to our in-house service department. He diligently works with our customers and their maintenance issues that arise by utilizing remote access skills that allow him to ensure our customers’ building is running properly. Keith goes above and beyond all of our expectations as he continues to serve our clients after hours no matter the emergency. His extended knowledge base of automation controls and the different platforms we use shows his dedication and troubleshooting skills when his clients are never left in the dark. Keith’s superb understanding and calm attitude put our clients at ease knowing they are in good hands. When Keith isn’t behind a remote access login he is on-site at the clients location assuring an effective solution is met.

What do you enjoy most about working here at TEC?
The employees I get to work with on a day-to-day basis here at TEC are truly motivating and create a welcoming atmosphere. I appreciate that I can work off of their creative energy to supply my clients with rewarding solutions and new ideas. The overall job portfolio we cater to never ceases to amaze me as we work on some of the most high profile projects to date. Its exciting to see the progress and changes in technology that directly support some if the historic buildings we have accounts with. I enjoy most working closely with my clients and brightening their day with backed up support that helps their building run better than the day before.
Customer & Client Support
Workstation Diagnostics
BMS Troubleshoot via Remote Monitoring

Service & Purchasing