Ken Walsh

Commissioning Technician

Since Ken has been at TEC, we’ve noticed that he takes it upon himself to learn about any new technology this industry discovers. TEC has truly has blossomed because of workers like Ken that take time out to learn and add to their personal portfolios. In acquiring this knowledge it gives our technicians a competitive edge and determination to finish a job. Ken’s skills facilitate the testing of commissioned panels to assure there longevity at a site. This includes testing for any performance issues and securing that the machinery will run at it most efficient standards and continues to do so with regularly scheduled maintenance.

What do you find most interesting in this industry?
I find that the ever-evolving technology this industry is truly amazing. Everyday we learn about new techniques and styles. Adapting these techniques can be a little tricky but we have a great knowledgeable staff to help us and give us any tips that we may need along the way.
BMS Testing & Calibration
Client & Customer Support
HVAC & Mechanical Knowledge