Kevin Lin

Commissioning Technician

Being a self starter, motivated, independent and having the ability to drive a project home against tight schedules, is what constantly makes a great engineer. Kevin, originally stared out with TEC taking upon an internship and working with the different teams on a slue of our projects on, and off the field. His tenacity to come back once he received his degree in mechanical engineering from Northeastern University was distinguished through his already established position here. Kevin’s understanding of the growing automation industry allows him to provide our clients with a vast development that combines innovative technology, efficient design and optimal running conditions. Furthermore, his skill set streams from the in depth understanding of building analytics a trending reports he is able to justify for calibrating in-place systems. Its imperative to not only our field of work but also working with facilities and their staff to create dynamic workflow through better BMS controls. Utilizing the BMS for fault detection and diagnostics across a wide portfolio of projects including hospitals, universities, residential homes, and office complexes, we know our clients will be pleased

Why do you enjoy working at TEC
When I first walked into TEC I knew this was a family-kind of company -- Everyone was extremely personable, friendly and willing to help in anyway they can. with that said, the company is driven to the extreme. The work we put out is advance, powerful and creative. Th automation industry is constantly changing and the state-of-the-art technology we utilize on a daily basis requires tentative and expansive problem solving. The TEC team is always down to come together to bring on any project big or complex and produce great results.
Energy Efficent Design
AutoCad Drafting & Computing
Client Relations


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