Linette Koshy

Service Desk Specialist

Linette joined TEC’s growing service department in hopes of further managing and developing the remote support service group which handles service call management, technical support, and online troubleshooting. Our clients know that they can trust Linette to quickly and efficiently address any and all of their needs. Her background of previously working in a controls firm, enables her the growing capability of understanding the technology, applications, and numerous jobsites we tailor to. Linette’s experience of developing training programs and project management gives her the leadership role of working with a collaborative team effort. Here at TEC we cater to carrying out a collective and creative approach – we know Linette is more than capable of bringing new innovative ideas to our growing industry with the technology and products we integrate with across NYC.

What do you enjoy most about this industry?
Having worked in this industry for so many years and being able to work in the many various facets that bring together a successful firm allows me to continuously grow my knowledge and skill set. With that said, my understanding of the industry, technology, and other attributes that relate to our field allows me to educate and provide training to those who can benefit from the advanced learning and solutions. I thoroughly enjoy being able to work with a dynamic and dedicated company such as TEC, who only wants to enable and provide unlimited support to its employees and clients.
Remote Access Support
Interactive Client Troubleshooting
Software Diagnostics

Service & Purchasing