Luis Torres

Service Technician

There’s no job site too big or too small that Luis can’t manage to the highest of standards. Since 2010 Luis has been providing maintenance and generating troubleshooting techniques to the different sites our portfolio carries. His ability to assist building engineers and managers with any emergencies or concerns they may have are not only addressed but he takes the time and explains the scenario in full detail until they fully comprehend. His educational background of science in electrical engineering has given him the upper hand in fully understanding how the many facilities he works on are run to the most efficient standard. The new implementations and technology Luis is able to utilize also lends itself for him to make recommendations and introduce new advances to our clients. His close relationship with our service and project management dept. give him the opportunity to provide assistance to our clients when upgrades and changes are applied to their BMS systems.

How do our services benefit our client?
Our clients have 24/7 support from TEC, we make it easy for them to manage an entire building or several buildings in many cases all from one system or a collaboration of systems. The proper documentation we carry for them is a huge factor. I am able to correspond any system and provide remote service or phone assistance.
Advanced Diagnostics
BMS Upgrades & Troubleshooting
Superior Client Support