Manny Nayyar

Service Technician

Manny holds a Master’s degree in Telecommunication from NYU as well as certifications in LON and EPA. He also holds an impressive 23+ years of Mechanical and Control experience under his belt. TEC’s vast portfolio requires its service team to be prepared to look for the smallest detail in a technical error, and/or analyze a massive corporate mechanical room. Manny is always prepared for such a task, solving and resolving issues so that they may not occur again. Manny’s long standing with this industry has allowed him to become well equipped for any unpredictable situation that may arise during the installation or construction of a project. At TEC we believe in Manny’s work completely and have valued his opinion across various projects.

What smart or energy conscious ideas do you help suggest?
Having been around so many different facilities and understanding how they run energy and power, I can help troubleshoot and review data logs to better calibrate specific runtimes on equipment. I help to suggest improvements with runtime schedules to chief engineers and building managers to help them save energy and cut cost.
Advanced BMS Diagnostics
Solid Knowledge of 3rd Party Communications
Analyze Workstation Trends


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