Manorge Joseph


Manorge brings over a unique and strategic background in automation controls to TEC Systems. While completing his masters at NYIT in environmental system engineering, Manorge has been showcasing his strong skillsets in data acquisitions and analytical research to provide some of the strongest engineering ties we look to complete here at TEC. The comprehensive ideas of how to better help our clients work with well equipped automation controls starts with a solid understanding of the facilities’ wants, and how to properly and effectively run them at a comfortable and low cost rate. With the experience of navigating through Honeywells’ product lines of tools and software, Manorge has been able to understand the platform of trending logs, data analytics, and creating a strong sequence of operations. His ability to acquire and deliver boundless research for our automation systems gives our clients the comfort and ease knowing they are in good hands. Manorge is a great edition to our growing engineering department and we look forward to seeing his portfolio reflect his capabilities and showing our clients smarter ways of constructing their automation designs.