Matt Finer

Ux/ UI Designer

From private IT to graphic design, Matt has showcased his ability to provide our graphics team with an open and creative standpoint for UXI creations. Originally here as an intern, Matt has demonstrated his knowledge of being able to build out an entire navigation system that collectively helps our clients utilize their BMS in a accurate, and effective manner. Matt studied advertising and graphic design at Rochester Institute of Technology, this granted him the ability to communicate not only visually but also in an articulate aspect to help fully understand and discuss a clients end all expected goals.

What do you enjoy about your profession?
The continuation of learning design and implementing navigable elements for clients is always great to see come together working with a design team. The collaborative efforts and sharing of new creative ideas keeps our ideas and creative concepts relevant. Working with the different adobe programs has given me the opportunity to grow as a technical designer as well as implement new styles and renderings to the different utilities and equipment we depict.
Adobe Creative Suite
UX / UI Design
Excellent Client Relations