Michael Bellomo

Senior Project Manager

Since 1989 Michael has been working boundlessly in the controls industry wearing many hats to meet the markets ever-growing demands. Originally graduating from NYIT with a degree in Electro Mechanical Computer Technology, Michael found himself quickly working out of college and into the field. From service account engineer, project management and operation management, Michael has taken it upon himself to learn and excel in the different facets of a controls division to provide top tier service. To further his skillset and expand his portfolio, Michael joined TEC’s growing project management team in hopes of bringing forth a level of knowledge and success to our eclectic jobsites. His extensive training in pneumatics, DDC logic, programming and engineering have crafted his ability to grant our clients a well managed, strategized development. Additionally, our project teams and vendors know they can count on him to work within tight deadlines, budgets and provide well-circulated project phases. From retrofits, LEED certified facilities, to design and build projects, we are confident that Michael will deliver a level of work second to none.

Do you have any hobbies that influence your work?
Growing up my hobbies included the repair of dozens of broken electronics, back in Jr. High my friends and I would garbage picked and repaired an endless number TV’s and VCR’s. we just took everything apart no matter how big or small. During High School and College I traded up and started to build, rebuild and repair computers. This lead to programing and eventually controls. Installing Building Management Systems became the perfect career for me, from my first day I felt I had been practicing for this career my entire life.

There’s a funny Dilbert cartoon called “The Knack” where a mom brings her son to the doctor to find out what’s wrong with him. He continually taking things apart and building new things. The doctor worried informs the mom that if his EEG machine wasn’t broken that he could run some tests and confirm his diagnosis. While they are talking the son quickly fixes the EEG machine. The doctor informs the mother that her son has “The Knack”.

I like to think I have “the Knack”. You can check the cartoon on “youtube”
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