Nicole Messineo

Executive Assistant

For the past ten years Nicole has been working diligently to manage the day-to-day administrative responsibilities of the presidents office and inclusive firm. Nicole handles the most sensitive of information to coordinate our high volume of diverse assignments and conferences. She collectively works with our clients and their administrative teams to setup meetings, document reviews, and more to support new developments and projects. Her valuable resources she is able to provide to not only our executive staff, but our employees is consistently recognized. She’s always available to help obtain permits, certifications and other important documentations to get work underway. In addition, Nicole also provides valuable resource to the President in preparation for meetings and presentations, ensuring the smooth operation of our company at every level.

What activities or hobbies do you have that influence your work here?
For the past few years I have been helping out in an animal rescue here in NY. We setup adoptions, foster homes and provide help to dogs, cats, and other animals that require it. To help create awareness and raise funds we create a lot of events, and social media postings. I find that I share similar responsibilities here at TEC when it comes to coordinating and setting up events. My ability to work well with others is definitely one of my strongest points here and it carries over to my day-to-day responsibilities.
Persistent Scheduling
Presentation Preparation
Excellent Client Relations