Nigel Richards

Project Manager

With an extensive background in computer and electrical engineering systems, and completing a dual Masters degree in IT Telecommunications and Cyber Security, Nigel brings forth a dynamic level of knowledge that will continue to pave our growing portfolio. Nigel joined our Converged Systems department as our leading project manager, to better allocate and determine the functionality needed to create the proper solutions for our clients facilities. From HVAC, Life Safety, CCTV, and more Nigel will work with our project teams and vendors to compose the necessary integration sequences to sufficiently tie in the facilities crucial components through a single seamless network. This level of technology is best suited to allow all parties easy access to networks at a single point of control. In addition to laying out the developments’ infrastructure, Nigel will be able to assess key deliverables and plan OPEX and CPEX in order to provide the facilities with unique business intelligence. Our clients will be pleased to work with Nigel as he walks them through the different phases of the projects through the completion. His onsite and rigorous dedication to each project will showcase his level of understanding to the creative and custom designs to fit each facilities needs.

What do you enjoy most about this industry?
The IT and technology world are always advancing and its imperative that we constantly keep up-to-date with the latest trends in this industry. My background in engineering, computers and networking allow me to understand the technology thats already out there, see how it develops further and then put my own spin on it, to bring its capabilities to the next level of performance. Its encouraging to not only me, but also our clients when we are able to arrive at solutions that exceed their explications for their facility management.
Network Infrastructure
BMS Diagnostics
Client Relations

Converged Systems

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