Nikolay Shatalov


With a degree in mechanical engineering, and a dedicated commitment to excelling in this industry, Nikolay has showcased his innate ability to work his true ambition. Originally interning in 2017, Nikolay got a taste for the hands-on experience, teamed up with the creative thinking, and was sold on joining TEC’s engineering team. From luxury residential controls, to elaborate commercial fit-outs, Nikolay has been working diligently to arrive at ornate and creative sequences through our engineering designs. Seeing how technology and its following conditions are always progressing to new levels its important that we stay on-top of our criteria and learn to shape our practices to obtain the best possible results for energy savings, running conditions, and overall longevity of the mechanical equipment. It falls into our hands from concept to completion, to assure our clients and team that we have the best possible individuals working together to arrive at some really fantastic outcomes. We are confident in Nikolay’s eager and ambitious attitude to benefit  our growing portfolio with new and exciting design concepts.

What do you enjoy most about working here at TEC Systems?
It is extremely important for me to work in an organization that prides itself on being a leader and is willing to invest in developing unique products and services. Being surrounded by team members that have incredibly strong and diverse backgrounds is valuable for me grow as a creative thinker and designer. I look forward to the projects and challenges that help me expand my aptitude and knowledge for a more forward way of engineering automation controls. It benefits not only me, but our clients' facilities to a level of better overall functionally and running conditions.
Engineering Fundamentals
AutoCad Renderings
BMS Designs


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