Nimat N MD


With strong attention to detail and a desirable work ethic, Nimat comes to join our engineering department to expand his dynamic and creative skill set on our growing portfolio. Graduating from NY Institute of Technology with a degree in electrical and computer engineer, Nimat soon found his way out of the classroom and into the field to embellish his learning and mentoring his colleagues while pursuing his degree. From advising students about course curriculum, major related questions and tutoring, he was able to really hone-in on a students goals and ambitions. This kind of peer advising is something we look for in each of our team members as there is always room to teach new ways of learning. One major project that paved the way for Nimat took diligent thinking and creative concepts  that implemented C++ programming language to work on an electronic chess playing robotic arm. This sophisticated critical thinking shows his determination to cultivate new innovations that can easily translate to everyday life. We know that Nimat will not only deliver, but conduct the necessary research with our clients to arrive at a well equipped design that showcases passion, confidence and sustainable solutions.

What do you enjoy most about your profession
With our industry always advancing to the latest and greatest level, its essential for us as a team to constantly be apart of what we do with the innate ability to lead. From school courses, to the working industry I have had the opportunity to acclimate myself into the plethora of facets we cater to in the automation industry; programming languages, operating systems and software, hardware and more. I find that this has not only helped me grasp a more solidified understanding of the ins-and-outs of BMS platforms, but also gives me the diverse integration possibilities that we can offer for our clients.
Systems Monitoring
Engineering Design
DDC and Control Systems


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