Norbert Giesse

Project Manager

With over 25 years of experience in the automation industry as a project manager, Norbert has showcased his innate ability to successfully carryout a slue of different developments. From medical facilites, to energy sustainable installations, his focus is consistently on the customers satisfaction, and growth of the relationship. Norbert joined TEC’s expanding project management team in 2017 in hopes of building his portfolio as well as ours, with profitable visions that our clients can look to achieve. As a certified LEED AP and EIT, Norbert is able to understand the BMS design from a bigger picture. Allocating for running cost, device specific installs and other integration tasks, its important for him to clearly layout and task the means necessary to followthrough and carry out the required phases with his project team. His hands on approach, and leadership comes full circle when he is able to work one-on-one with our clients and their facilities staff, to make sure they are confident and secure with their new BMS and workstation operations. We are pleased to have Norbert helping our clients new and old with his extensive knowledge and skill set, to bring forth upgrades, retrofits and new design and build work to life.

What do you enjoy most about this industry?
Having the ability to work with new technology in a broad spectrum of different facilites, truly tests our knowledge and creative thinking to arrive at promising and strong solutions. I have seen how electric and pneumatic controls have been advancing for many years and how even now, how some older legacy equipment gets retrofitted with new hardware and software. Its amazing to see the capabilities of project teams, and forward way of thinking to arrive at new and improved ways of making a BMS user, energy, and cost effective.
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Project Management