Ralph Chiocchio

Service Technician

Suited with over twenty years of HVAC and control technology experience, Ralph came to TEC Systems to continue his practice and also expand his knowledge in BMS technology. Because Ralph has been in the controls industry for over 20 years his familiarity with pneumatics and air controls makes him a great asset when it comes to maintaining these legacy systems, and the integration into new technology platforms. His knowledge of the inner workings and how older mechanical equipment runs helps us to make adjustments for facilities, especially during peak seasons. This helps to assure our clients that their facilities equipment will be adjusted to overcompensate for any issues they may find during summer or winter periods. Furthermore, Ralph takes the initiative to help facilities chief engineers better understand their systems so they may make smarter running conditions provided for the building.

What do you like most about this company?
Having worked here at TEC Systems I have come to find that the employees and staff here are more than helpful and willing to always lend a hand. I find myself always looking to further my education and knowledge in this industry and its quite easy for me to turn to my advisors or fellow technicians and learn a new skill on the job. Because of the help I receive, I am also able to offer suggestions and assistance to those looking for guidance on pneumatic operations and integration maintenance practices.
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