Bob Perez

Commissioning Technician

Bob has brought his experience in software and panel verification, air balancing, and design alteration into our Commissioning department. These qualities and skills we feel are essential, not only on the field but as a mindset. Having previous knowledge in HVAC, these systems are so much easier to maneuver and understand which is essential for the development of oneself in the industry. Additionally, prior to his career path Bob was apart of the US Air force for 4 years where he maintained nuclear weapons, learning how to intricately and successfully working with devices and powerful mechanisms. Bob has played a vital key in the production of some of our highest profile projects. We feel confident in the work he is able to not only produce but maintain as well.


What do you continue to learn in this company/industry?
If there is one thing I have learned in my profession is patience. In the development of new or even older building you have to learn to be patient when dealing with these systems. Some days everything can be working perfectly and others it can be quite the opposite. The key, I feel, is treating every problem like it’s the first time you are seeing it and not assuming the solution will always be the same. In the end, the system needs to be running at its most optimal rate and we need to make sure we have covered all bases.
BMS Diagnostics
Device Calibration
Strong Customer Relations
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